Controlled by Governments and Companies, Internet is not free anymore. The Army of Cypherpunks, leaded by Satoshi Nakamoto, tried to defend freedom and privacy on the planet. Attacked on all sides, they retreated on Metaverse, a planet recently discovered. A rumor says they developed there a code solving the Blockchain’s Trilemma, that could set Internet free again. According to the legend, Satoshi decided to hide the Secrets of the Trilemma deep into the CryptoMines of Metaverse to ensure that only the greatest would discover and use the code. Join one of the Corporations trying to build the perfect Blockchain that will set Internet free again. But beware, in the CryptoMines you’ll face the most terrible perils of the Blockchain and you’ll be tested to the death by the Cypherpunks, Guardians of the Code.. One more thing, keep an eye on your MetaOxygen, the air in the CryptoMines is awfully toxic.

Play and Learn and Earn

The Mines is the first mobile play-and-learn-and-earn hack-and-slash type game. 

In this online cooperative game, the player must coordinate with his corporation and pool members to win. 

It allows players to understand the world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies while having fun

The player takes on the role of a miner who leaves his corporation’s camp to explore and extract real cryptos from the Metaverse. 

The Crazy 10" Concept

A Bitcoin is created every 10 minutes”

  • The Mines integrates the mechanics and the culture of the Blockchain

You love great games but you have

  • No Time to Play: Good Games often require hours of practice to be mastered which is frustrating for « busy » people

The mines is for you

  • 10″ a day is enough to win: You will have 10’’ a day in the CryptoMines to collect the required quantity of cryptos


In-game Features

Choose your Corporation

NEVER lose track of time

Discover a mine of 21 levels

Have fun with the concepts of the blockchain

Select your Class

Be the first to validate the mine

Familiarize with lots of blockchain projects

Mine real Cryptos

Fight enemies 

of the Blockchain

Join a pool of Miners

Develop the Blockchain of your Corporation

Easily create your crypto wallet

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